Colsac Skiers Inc. is a water ski school based on Lake Wisconsin for children and adults with disabilities, including our Wounded Warriors.

We are USA Water Ski Certified Instructors and Divers, and Red Cross Certified Lifeguards for side skiers. We provide therapeutic recreation that reduces depression and anxiety while improving well being and quality of life - all in a safe environment. We want to get your whole group out to learn and have fun skiing together.

A Letter From Travis Lukens

Colsac Skiers started out as a group of guys wanting to share their passion for waterskiing with people with disabilities. At the beginning, we really didn't think much beyond the boats and adaptive equipment. What we have learned over the last few years is beyond anything we imagined. I really didn't know much about Autism or MS or what it's like to live without the abilities that so many of us take for granted. Watching our young volunteers interact with people who have mobility or cognitive issues without prejudice, and taking time out of their summer vacations to help someone have one of the most memorable days of their summer makes me proud. When I see our participants just hanging out, enjoying the day, sun and lake, talking about their ski run and how they're going to try and improve on their next run, maybe try a new trick, it helps me see their abilities, not disabilities.  

 We receive many "thank you's" from the people we take water skiing. Our gratitude to them is tenfold for allowing us to take them! We never have and never will charge anyone with a disability to go water skiing. A 100% volunteer organization, none of us want to make money from this; we just want to keep gas in the boat and keep up to date on the adaptive equipment. Without generous donations from the community, we could not continue this program. The support we receive is very appreciated and much needed.  
Thank you to our participants, volunteers and sponsors for giving people so much more than just water skiing.

Board of Directors

  • Travis Lukens, Founder and Director
  • Dan Jaworski, Director
  • Robert Mahnke, Director
  • Patrick Taggart II, Director

Colsac Skiers on WISC TV

Live at Five, Wisconsin TV, Channel 3000, adaptive water skiing with Colsac Skiers and Travis Lukens.

In the News: Sauk Prairie Eagle

Two summers ago, 20-year-old Sarah Holm was in the Denver airport waiting for her flight back to Madison. Holm, who lost partial use of her legs six years ago, was in Colorado for a meeting with her adaptive ski team.

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