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Colsac Adaptive Ski School provides therapeutic recreation that is a social experience focusing on freedom of motion. It’s an activity that reduces depression and anxiety while improving well-being and quality of life – all in a safe environment. We want to get your whole group out to learn and have fun skiing together.

The cost to the skier is absolutely free!

What is Adaptive Water Skiing?

Adaptive Water Skiing matches skiers’ abilities to the equipment that can be used to pull them safely behind a boat. While all skiing is technically adaptive, what we are talking about is what society calls the "disabled skier." This skier may have fewer limbs or less control of their limbs, a visual or auditory impairment, cognitive impairment or other disability that makes more traditional long-line skiing impossible to do safely. In the adaptive water ski world, equipment is adapted specifically for the skier's abilities. Skilled, able-bodied skiers assist on the dock, at the start of the pull, during the ski run and at the landing. The boat driver, safety observer, and all other helpers are trained to create a safe, fun ski activity for the skier. At Colsac Skiers Adaptive Ski School, we work with the athlete to provide the best ski experience possible.

A Day on the Lake

There’s no better way to experience the natural beauty of Wisconsin and create lasting memories than with our lake experience. Families often come early and join us for an entire day to connect with others in similar circumstances. It’s a chance to unwind, relax and have fun. We typically do around 20 runs total per event. Each skier can expect to get two runs during their time block. We also offer boat rides for the family and for anyone who may decide they’re not comfortable skiing. All skiers and their families are provided with a picnic lunch and best of all, cheers from the crowd.

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Skiers and Safety Equipment

Our primary goal is offering each skier a fun and safe experience out on the water. People with a variety of disabilities and of varying skill levels are able to ski with us, including those with mobility and physical impairments, spinal cord disability or injury, traumatic brain injuries, vision or hearing disabilities or cognitive or learning disabilities. Those with an unstable neck or brittle bone disease should not participate for their safety. 

Our instructors and side skiers have over 100 years of combined water skiing experience and safety is a top priority. All instructors and side skiers are USA Water Ski Certified Instructors and Divers and Red Cross Certified Lifeguards. Safety equipment, including lifejackets, is provided, and the type of equipment each skier uses varies based on their experience level and disability.

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Ski with Us

Please come join us for a day on the lake. Sign up for an upcoming event, or contact us to learn more. 

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"A really big mom hug to you! This has been so empowering for Ben and just a pure joy to me!"
Ben's Mom, Participant