The Ski Experience

Because of the planning involved in making a coordinated event and making sure we have the proper instructors and crew available, we ask that you sign up in advance. Plan to come early and feel free to stay the whole event. We typically do around 20 runs total per event. Each skier can expect to get two runs during their time block. We also offer boat rides for the family and for anyone who may decide they’re not comfortable skiing. All skiers and their families are provided with a picnic lunch and best of all, cheers from the crowd.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen and/or other sun protection such as a hat
  • Any special equipment like lift straps (please note that we provide all skiing equipment and life vests)
  • Your participation waiver

Day of the Event

At the crack of dawn, a small group of dedicated volunteers rise and gather all the gear and tow it to the site we use in Madison, WI. Before 9:00 AM, we have put in a dock, launched the boat (sometimes boats), carried the inflatable chase boat and its motor to the beach along with many skies, sit-skies, the triple bar, seahorse, boom, ski ropes and countless other pieces of equipment. Safety equipment is not the least of the gear!  

Volunteers arrange, organize and set up the gear while others prepare to register volunteers and skiers. Then ski volunteers and skiers arrive and the first run begins. 
To make this happen, the skier's abilities are detailed and matched to the right equipment. The volunteers with the best matching skill set are assigned to help the skier and others set up at the dock and some get into the water to help the skier start. 
The volunteers rotate through the positions (dock, in-water start, in-boat safety, chase boat, landing) to keep everyone fresh and ready for whatever comes along. At the end of the day, the boat is trailered, the dock, skis and equipment gets packed, and everyone leaves the site with a light and happy heart.

Ski with Us

Please come join us for a day on the lake. Sign up for an upcoming event, or contact us to learn more.

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